ANCHOR INTERNATIONAL CARE AND HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE (AICHI) is a visionary registered non-governmental and non-profit outfit with the fourfold Es’ strategies to Empathize, Enlighten, Equip and Empower African youths and communities through the aim to raised healthy productive Next Generation Leaders, who will give themselves towards the advancement of the well-being of young people in Africa. We have been delivering services to young people and cultivated partnership among different organization, to equipping this Next Generation Leaders for nation building, since our incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria in 2006.

Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative has focused on preventive issues at community level through strategic advocacy with the aim of combating youth social vices, poverty, unemployment and HIV issues, while we embarking on youth empowerment initiatives on life skills, leadership and entrepreneurial training for youths and families.

We have the history of work with thousands of young people from across campuses and religious organization. Having planned and successful delivered several youth and community initiatives, we have an expert understanding of how best to plan programmes to meet objectives and ensure young people and their community are fully reached and empowered.