Next Generation Leaders Development: Anchor International Primary mandate. priorities, Passions, and Pursuits.

Dr. Bolarinwa Michael Omotosh, the Chairman Board of trustees of Anchor International Outreach Ministry and President of Anchor International  Care and Humanitarian Initiative, Lagos expressed gratitude to God and everyone who made the just concluded summit a huge success. The summit “Leading the Next Generation Leaders Summit” (NGLS) which took place at Christ Apostolic Church, Ijigbo Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, on June 27th, 2023 with the theme “Transformational Leadership Style” attracted more than 200 pastors, evangelists and missionaries in Ekiti State through Anchor Leadership Academy (ALA) leadership hub.

This summit brought together ministers of the gospel under the umbrella body of the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and educators. At the end of the summit, each participant received a free copy of the Africa Study Bible (ABS) two hardcopy books, a Workbook, a kitbag, a certificate and 25 ministry enrichment books.  The Africa Study Bible (ABS)    was sponsored by Oasis International Publishing. 

The keynote speaker on the summit day is Rev. Dr Emmanuel Adeyinka Aribasoye, Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, Ekiti State and President, of Ekiti Baptist Conference who spoke on the theme “Transformational Leadership Style” and special prayer session by Bishop Elect, Kayo-ajayi Kolade, and chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Ekiti State.  A special session of the summit by Dr. Bolarinwa Michael Omotosho is on Ministers, Marriage and Ministry.

Dr. Mrs. Priscillia Omotosho teaches “Leading through an Effective Youth Ministry” Every generation needs a passionate leader that is willing and gives priority to lead the younger generation. I am calling on our church leaders in this country to make it a priority to “Lead through an Effective Youth Ministry” she added.

Rev. Oke Femi Timothy, the coordinator of the Ekiti State “Leading the Next Generation Leaders Summit” (NGLS) teaches “The Quality that Separate Leaders from Followers”  the committee chairman of the Conference.  Pastor Joseph Olusegun Olubusoye was so happy about the success of the summit.  

Dr. Bolariwa Michael Omotosho revealed that the primary mandate, priorities, passions and pursuits of Anchor International Outreach Ministry are to raise Next-Generation Leaders that will make an unbeatable impact in the church and society. He is calling on the Nigerian Church leaders to make it a priority to invest huge recourses to groom and nurture the next generation of leaders who will develop the capacities and commitment to take over the church responsibilities of the great commission if Jesus Christ tarries 

The “Leading the Next Generation Leaders Summit” (NGLS) 2023, is an annual leadership conference to empower ministers of the gospel and to create unified fellowship. Anchor made all these resources worth N360,000 available to each participant. We cannot thank Oasis International Publishing for the free Africa Study Bibles. This is to fulfil one of our fivefold E’s-ministry ideologies: Evangelizing, Equipping, Empowering, Empathy, and Education. Omotosho added.

Some of the participants testify:

My testimony concerning Anchor Leadership Academy Summit: I was blessed through the teaching of this summit.  I have been attending several seminars, workshops and special retreats both locally and internationally.  The teaching series of Anchor Leadership Academy is highly impactful. I can say authoritatively that the African Study Bible and the books that were given freely are a blessing to me and other participants in Ekiti State. Our ministries have been enhanced. Ekiti State CAN is looking forward to more collaborative and partnership work with Anchor Leadership Academy in the nearest future. We express our deepest gratitude to Oasis International Publishing for the gift of the African Study Bible given during the one-day summit.  Sincerely this kind gesture will go a long way to enhance our lives and ministries as God’s servants in Ekiti State.  We pray God to continually shower His heavenly blessings upon you and your ministry. Thanks a million. — Dr Emmanuel Adeyinka Aribasoye, Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, Ekiti State and President Ekiti Baptist Conference.

It is a timely Programme that intimates and rejigs ministers of the Gospel back to gospel literature books and especially the Africa Study Bible in our context. My word to Anchor as a Bible Scholar is that, in every of their Programme, they should find time to REVIEW the Africa Study Bible for at least an hour to familiarize the attendees with the use of the Bible and tell them the philosophy behind it, this is very important. Ditto for the other two pieces of literature. I so much appreciate the scholars and contributors to this great resource for humanity and a better understanding of the plethora of doctrines of Christianity in the African context. — Enock O. AJIBADE,  Ph.D, Provost, Saint Enock Theological Seminary. Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti-State of Nigeria.

The summit by your Anchor International Outreach Ministry in Ekiti State was a great benefit to me. The African Study Bible is unique and easy to understand. Thanks to your ministry and Oasis International Publishing. God will continue to give both of the organizations the power to do more for other people in other regions of Africa in Jesus’ name. —- Pastor Olatunbosun Israel M. CGEM Church Int’l, Ilawe Ekiti.

I am so happy because I enjoy the African Study Bible is by the grace of God that I participated in that conference may God continue to elevate the organization to higher greatness from

—Prophet/Evan Jayeola kayoed Clement, Igbara Odo Ekiti

The conference was a great success and beneficial to me and with this, I appreciate the Anchor International Outreach Ministry and as well appreciate Oasis International Publishing for the Africa Study Bible (ASB). —Pastor Olatubosun Moyosore Isreal, CGEM Intl, Ilawe- Ekiti

The program was so educative, I enjoy the program with this, I appreciate Anchor International Outreach Ministry also special thanks to Oasis International Publishing for the Africa Study Bible. — Primate Dr Olorunleke Abe Good Shepherd Spiritual Church of Christ, Members of OAIC Block in CAN, Ado Ekiti.

Calvary greetings to you in the Lord Jesus Christ. My testimony is the more knowledge I have acquired through all the lectures received and the new things I now know from the Africa Study Bible given, is another experience for me, thanks. More, Greece to the elbow of Anchor International Outreach Ministry you shall continue to grow from strength to strength in Jesus’ name. Oasis International Publishing you are great. — Pastor Ogunlola Rufus Olu, The Word Bible Church 2, Igbara Odo, Ekiti

I thank God for the wonderful program, it helped me a lot. May God continue to lead Anchor International Outreach Ministry.  You will grow from Strength to Strength in Jesus’ name. I appreciate Oasis International Publishing for the wonderful work done on the Africa Study Bible. May God continue to lead you more. —– Evang.Michael Adewale Adesina, Christ Apostolic Church, Favour land, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. SHALOM!

The 27th of June, 2023 was an unforgettable day in the Ekiti ministers’ lives. We hosted Anchor Leadership Academy (ALA), Lagos in a summit and it was super. Super because, gift of Africa Study Bible two other books packaged in a beautifully made bag. People were happy sharing the testimonies and giving good and encouraging comments. A sincere appreciation goes to ALA, Lagos led by Dr. Bolarinwa Michael Omotosho for submitting to this great vision. Anchor has done us good in Ekiti and we are grateful for it. We trust that the Ministry goes from strength to strength, with God meeting all its needs in Jesus’ name. Thanks to OASIS International Publishing for the Africa Study Bible. You, people, have done a great job for a trans-generational impact. God’s abundant grace on all the brains behind the vision in Jesus’ name. —- Rev. Oke Femi Timothy. Grace-Poured Ministries. Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

It was noted that it was a heavily rainy day along the coast that almost deprived the entire participants of attending the summit, eventually it late reduced but toward the end of the summit the rain became increased sporadically. The peculiarity of the far distance of each town in the state was the peculiarity of the state that made the leadership of Anchor deeply appreciate all the participants for their time to attend. We appreciate God who granted us journey mercy and save our team from a fertile accident on our way to Ekiti State as a result of a car break that failed yet we proceeded on the journey to Ekiti State Glory be to God, Omotosho added.   

He concluded that He also really appreciates the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) for the support we received from them sincerely it can’t be quantified.