ANCHOR INTERNATIONAL CARE AND HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVES is an arm of ANCHOR INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH, a visionary registered non-governmental and non-profit outfit founded in 2006. As at very recently, more than 203 youth have benefited from our computer skill acquisition and entrepreneurial schemes.


The Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative was founded in 2007 with the fourfold Es’ strategies: to Empathize, Enlighten, Equip and Empower African youths with the aim of raising healthy and productive Next Generation Leaders, who will give themselves towards the advancement of the well-being of the Africa continent.


Ever since we became a public entity corporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria we have been delivering services to young people and have cultivated partnerships among and across different organizations which are geared towards equipping the Next-Generation-Leaders for entrepreneurial and nation building.


Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative has focused on preventive issues at community levels through strategic advocacy with the aim of combating youthful social vices, poverty, unemployment, health and HIV/AIDS issues, while at the same time embarking on youth empowerment initiatives on life skills, leadership and entrepreneurial training for youths and families.


So far we have been able to work with thousands of young people from across communities, campuses and diverse religious organization without discrimination against any as a result of gender, sex or culture. Having planned and successfully delivered several youth and community initiatives, we are convinced we are better suited to plan programmes to meet objectives and ensure young people and their community are fully reached and empowered. Two of our most fascinating and life-transforming programmes are Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Project (SHAAPP) and “Virginity is not Enough” Talk Show through which we have groomed and mentored over one hundred thousand boys and girls across colleges and higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. 



Our Mission


Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative exists to respond to youthful social and basic needs by empowering young people to improve their life, end poverty, combat all forms of youth sexual exploitations     and gain opportunities for a better future through partnership with individuals, organizations, agencies and communities.



Our Vision  


Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative envisions an Africa in which the most vulnerable youths are empowered in so much as weeding themselves out of poverty, free from sexual violence, gender inequality, youth trafficking, and create vital, healthy life for their families and communities now and for the future.

With the aid of our strong network in Nigeria and some other Africa countries we are responding to the clarion call of the moment to combat the higher increase of child abuse, rape, sexual harassment, gender inequality and youth trafficking (teenagers and youths) in Nigeria and across Africa. However, the education of a girl child at every form is a big concern in our heart.   



Project Background


There are no countries where people live freely from the threat of social vices. No gender or groups of people are exempted from its destructive effects. These includes but not limited to child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, youth trafficking, coerced teenage marriage, rape in dating relationships, rape by strangers, organized rape in war and other sexual exploitations.  We must frown at all these abuses as members of the society. All of these have become pandemics of monumental consequences that must be fought or prevented and uprooted!


All these forms of child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, youth trafficking and other sexual exploitations menace have become  worldwide pandemic including demands of sex for jobs or school grades, and rape of children, trafficking of women and girls, female genital mutilation, forced exposure to pornography, lure cybersex, and nudity which has characterized social media today.


Africa as a continent and Nigeria as a nation are not left out of the negative impact of this pandemic on the youth particularly the girl child. A survey conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund indicates that the population of out of school children in Nigeria has risen from 10.5 million to 13.2 million, the highest in the world. About 60% of out-of-school children are girls. Many of those who do enroll drop out early. Low perceptions of the value of education for girls and early marriages are among the reasons.(UNICEF)


It is high time we all come together in collaboration to combat this menace that has become a worldwide nuisance. In Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative in 2017 we have identified all of these nuisances as a serious violence and social problem against the youths. The complex relationships between child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, youth trafficking and other sexual exploitations and their communities has become a serious concern that presents new and unique challenges to us as well as our partners across Africa.


The foundation on which this project is built and explores is what we need to learn about adolescence and youth dehumanization and violent against girl child. This vulnerability may indeed have its roots in past trauma which is often impacted by sexual abuse victimization. Homeless youths, runaway adolescence, less privilege and out of school girls comprise a large portion of the trafficking victim population. Likewise, youth who have a history of poverty and loss of parents without good welfare system, and those who have cognitive disabilities are considered at most significant risk. They are most time in need of help! How to take action, fight against abusers, stop rapists, traffickers and get the out of school girls back to class.


In developing world, girls are considered unworthy of an education, this makes them victims of culturally embedded gender discrimination. Girls have a higher risk of being denied education than boys.  Unfortunately, education is the right of everyone, first step towards reliable empowerment and sustainability in life. Although, everyone deserves an education; not everyone receives one. As a result of this denial, many of the girl child have become vulnerable to different social problems and lose of self-worth. According to United Nations Children’s Fund:


Providing adolescent girls with life skills education can help them develop critical thinking, build self-esteem, communicate and negotiate effectively, and solve problems in a cooperative way. It can also build skills required to cope with violence if and when it does occur. Helping reduce girls’ vulnerabilities and expand their opportunities, including increasing their access to social, health and economic resources, is an integral component of empowerment. (UNICEF 2014,2)


Train – A – Girl – Child!  Is the outcome of our research in 2017, this unleashes our longtime tendency and concern for the girl child, in consonance with the advocacy of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) we have viewed this scheme as a global model that we hope to have trained ten thousand (10,000) girls by 2030.





  • Direct Support


HEART OF HOPE PROJECT!  Train – A – Girl – Child is to directly assist and support orphans and less privileged girls on the street. Our work includes, but is not limited to the offering of free education and mentoring all beneficiaries’ to become entrepreneurs and self dependent. We help the girls in their entire career endeavors as they face all challenges of life from adolescence to adulthood.


  • Advocacy


HEART OF HOPE PROJECT!  Train – A – Girl – Child is a progressive and transformative programme of Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative is to advocate against sexual harassment, create platform for awareness, seeking support for prevention and reforms that ensure holistic transformation of every girl child without allowing them become vulnerable and miscreants in our society. 


  • Education


HEART OF HOPE PROJECT!  Train – A – Girl – Child is to offer education to orphans and less privileged girls on the street.  It is a tool for systemic change, for gender and social justice. It is to show empathy to orphans and less privileged girls while improving their life, end poverty and give opportunities for a better future through partnership with likeminded individuals, organizations, agencies and community leaders.



Our Goals -2030

We believe Train – A – Girl- Child is a Heart of Hope Project that will change the lives of the girls, as well as their families. That’s why we are so excited to award scholarship to twenty five (25) Junior Secondary School (JSS2) girls in 2020 to be trained till Senior Secondary School (SS3).


In 2020-2021 academic sessions Anchor International Care & Humanitarian Initiativewe strive to raise money to train one hundred (100) secondary school children thatare less privileged and orphans,so that these girls can be givenHeart of Hope through our educational scholarship project no matter their financial need!


We will be awarding the scholarship to a total of one hundred girls in Nigeria, we are soliciting that organization, government agencies, individual and community leaders should come alongside with Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative to ensure that we are enabled to sponsor more girls over the next ten (10) years. The goals over the next ten (10) years include:


  • Increasing the numbers of the girls to minimum of ten thousand (10,000) by 2030.


  • Mentoring of these girls and helping them to build self-esteem.


  • Working with these girls to acquire vocational skills before they gain admission to University.


  • We shall hold two –three hours summit with these girls twice in a year.  


The Target: We are raising the sum ofUS$25,000 (Twenty five thousand dollars) to fund the Train – A – Girl- Child project to provide scholarship for one hundred (100) orphans and less privileged girls per academic session. We are requesting partnership and hereby invite individual, organization, agencies and community leaders to come alongside and invest in girls’ education and empowerment today so that we can all help to create a better tomorrow for these precious gift of God!Yourgenerosity as partner with us to fund this life transformingTrain – A – Girl- Child, Heart of Hope Projectwill enhance the achievement of the following:


▪ Full tuition scholarship per annual.

▪ Note & textbooks.

▪ School uniform.

▪ Shoes for the girls.

▪ School bag for the girls.

▪ T. shirts for T-A-G child team.



Anchor Partners

The Anchor Partners is a group of individuals, community leaders and organizations that desire to assist or sponsor series of project or programmes, and the entire organization by providing opportunities for enhancing education for the girl-child amid all odds.  The level of involvement is solely based on the desired level of financial commitment of the partners. Partners gives contribution of just US$ 250 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) to cover the full tuition scholarship, costs of uniforms, school books and other fees for the secondary education of a girl child for one year. Approximately, US $1,500 (One thousand, five hundred dollars) helps to secure the education of a girl throughout her secondary schooling years.


Join Anchor Partners today, we believe your involvement will contribute significantly to shaping the education carrier of these young girls while their entire life is improved. Thank you!


Our Aims


Train – A – Girl- Child, Heart of Hope Project is an effort put forward by Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative to promote & provide FREE EDUCATION to girl the child that are orphans and underprivileged girls’ children residing on streets and slum areas.

Our Aim is to reach out and provide FREE Education to each and every girl child across the nation who is deprived of basic educational facilities probably because of their family background or circumstances. As a result we launched our scholarship scheme in 2016 with just 12 volunteers and currently we have 25 girls in Junior Secondary School (JSS2) schooling in 8 schools.


We look forward to immediately increase the numbers of the girls to 100 and henceforth we will make it a national model that will train ten thousand (10,000) girls by 2030. In 2021 during our 15 years anniversary we hope to officially inaugurate the two schemes: Heart of Hope Project “I am Forever Precious” a Campaign against Rape & Rapist and Train – A – Girl- Child is a Free Education for out of school girls that are orphans & underprivileged.


Symbolic Outcomes:


The Train – A – Girl- Child, Heart of Hope Project is a roadmap that represents the ideal synergy for working togetherto give hope to the hopeless.We have the strong belief that collaborating with people like you will be more effective in achieving our objectives than by working alone. Therefore, your support will assist us to combat increase in development of miscreant in Nigeria as we will together be raising, a new set of Next-Generation of young leaders as will hope to achieve the following:


  1. Reduce the rate of girls-at – risk.
  2. Defend the rights of underprivileged girls.
  3. Combat child marriage and reduce birth of underprivileged children. 
  4. Combat child abuse and exploitation. 
  5. Help girls who are orphans have access to good  health, education and the opportunity to fulfill their potential in live
  6. Combat gender inequality and tackle poverty.
  7. Combat girl child vulnerability.
  8. Give hope to the hopeless girl child.


No limits. No constraints. It is a remarkable opportunity to get involved in Train – A – Girl- Child, Heart of Hope Project of Anchor International Care & Humanitarian Initiative. This is why we are seeking your support and partnership for the success of this project as we hope that your support we take us a long way.

Each scholarship donation is valid for one year and normally renewable every year.  It is our prayer that this special scholarship sponsorship will remain active for not less than five years, to ensure the ongoing opportunity to sponsor these girls. Let’s do it together!


Get Involve!


To get involved and become stakeholder in the ZERO tolerance campaign against child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, youth trafficking and other sexual exploitations in our society you will be required to get involved with us with the HEART OF HOPE PROJECT! To support Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Programme (SHAAPP), Train – A – Girl – Child project to educate orphans and less privileged girls on the street.


Funding instructions:


funds can be lodged into the following accounts in favour of “Anchor International Outreach” [Access Bank 0036059795]. 

Enquiries: +234 08094826640, 8037272094, 8035764677